One more thing…

One more thing that I forgot to mention yesterday… We are on the lookout for the Pizza Soup bag from yesterday’s swap that was marked “No MSG” for Marci’s family.  It is the bag with the pizza sauce, meat, etc. in it, not the bag with the cans.  Do you happen to have it?  Please check your freezer and if it went home with you, let me know and we’ll figure out a way to swap it with the regular bag that Marci has.  Thank you!


April Swap Completed!

Thanks to everyone for braving the wet and cold, and the treacherous slippery slope to and from my house today!  It was great to get to see everyone, to receive 12 delicious dinner entrees and to get to cast our votes for what we will make for the May swap.  Here’s how the voing turned out:

Kelly – Korokke (Asian)

Cheryl – Teriyaki Chicken (Asian)

Stephanie – Savory Marinated Flank Steak (Grill)

Susan/Brad – Chinese Pork Chops (Grill)

Linda – Southwestern Meat and Bean Fiesta (Southwestern/Latin American)

Marci – Baked Chimichungas (Southwestern/Latin American)

Heather – D’Amico Pasta Salad (Entree Salad)

Bethany – Cobb Salad (Entree Salad)

Jill – Manicotti (Italian)

Rachel – Upside Down Pizza (North American)

Sara – Cincinatti Chili (North American)

Jess – Ham and Cheese Croissants (Your Choice)

Yum!  Those all sound great, and it looks like we’ll have a good variety of meals to enjoy!   Claire has stepped out, so we’ll be preparing 12 meals and bringing 11 to the swap.  The May swap has been scheduled for Sunday, May 19th at 3:30 pm at my house. I’m seriously crossing my fingers that we will not be contending with snow that day!

We chatted about this some at the swap today, but the May swap will be the last in the 3-month trial period that we agreed to back in March.  Please be thinking about whether or not you plan to continue with the swap past this initial trial period.  If it hasn’t been the best fit for your family, that is completely okay (really!), and this is your chance to step out.  If you would like to continue, we plan for the swap to run through the whole summer, provided that we have a minimum of 6 families participating each month.  If you’re interested in continuing, but know that you’ll be gone a lot during a particular month, it’s also an option to take a month, or two, off.  It would be helpful to hear from each family by May 1st as to whether or not you plan to continue…. this will also allow us the option of filling open spots with others who are interested in participating. 

Once we have heard from everyone and know who will be continuing, we’ll be assigning the May meal categories, so look for that in the first week of May.  We’ll be tweaking the categories for summer, to allow for food that is a little lighter and more seasonal.  Some ideas include market sandwiches, pizza, salad, crockpot and grilling.  If you have any suggestions for other categories, please feel free to pass them along!

Thanks again to each of you for the time that you put into the April meals…. they look great!  As you think of it, please leave feedback for each other here on the blog, particularly if there was something that your family really enjoyed.  It’s always nice to hear that our preparation efforts were appreciated and the meal turned out well!

April meal swap is just a few days away

This Sunday, April 14th we will meet to swap meals and vote on recipes!   Please note the location for our swap has changed- we will meet at Heather’s and plan on that being the consistent location for the monthly swap.   If don’t remember Heather’s address, check the group contact page.

For the April meal swap, be sure to…

  • Submit your recipe no later than Friday night (I need time to assemble the recipes in to a document you can all access)
  • Meet at Heather’s at 3:30 on Sunday
  • Bring 12 meals to swap (leave the 13th meal at home for your family)
  • Bring 2 recipes for your May category for the group vote

My family has enjoyed the meals from our March Swap and look forward to those to come in April!