May meeting recap

Another great meeting Sunday- despite the weather!

A few decisions/ discussion item recaps…

  • Summer meetings will be on the 3rd Monday of the month at 8 pm at Heather’s. (sorry Bachelor fans)
    • June 17
    • July 15
    • August 19
    • Recipes will still be due the Friday before the meeting
    • We will revisit meeting dates for the fall to determine if we return to Sunday, stick with Mondays, or agree on another option.
  • Portion decisions…
    • Aim for 3 pounds of chicken per meal when doing a chicken with marinade (portion may be less if chicken is just a part of the entree)
    • Pizza- provide 1 large pizza.  This may be a bit smaller than a 6 person meal but group consensus was this would work as families may opt to add a more kid friendly pizza to go along with the swap meal.
    • I added a “portions” section to our Freezer Meal Guidelines page which include these items for future reference.
  • We all committed to avoid MSG (monosodium glutamate) for all recipes/ families.  If you are stuck on an ingredient in a recipe, feel free to check with me (Marci) to see if I know of an alternative/ brand.
  • Linda will no longer be continuing with our group; however, our 12th spot has been filled!  Kristen will be joining us at our June meal swap with a yummy pizza for you. Since there was a tie on my two pizza recipes, Kristen and I will just use those 2 recipes rather than holding a vote.

June Meal Selections

Market Sandwich
Stephanie- Pepperoni Grilled Cheese
Susan- Ham & Cheddar Cheese Dijon Sandwiches
Entree Salad
Jill- Summer Pasta Salad
Jess- Crunchy Asian Salad
Kristen- Hawaiian Chicken Pizza Rolls
Marci- BBQ Chicken Pizza
Bethany- Mac ‘N Cheese with ham
Heather- Chicken Cordon Blue
Sara- Buttermilk Herb Chicken
Rachel- Beef & Bean Burger
Your Choice
Kelly- French Dip Sandwiches
Cheryl- Crock-Pot Summer Honey Chicken


Calling All May Recipes!

Hi, Everyone –

Time to submit your May recipes!  Please enter them on the blog by this Friday evening so that Marci can prepare that super helpful monthly pdf document that we’ve all referred to a million times by now!  We’re meeting at my house this coming Sunday at 3:30 pm for the May swap – remember to bring 11 of your entrees as well as your two recipe options for the June categories to present to the group.  Now that we’ve gotten a taste of summer weather, I’m especially excited about our summer menu categories and am looking forward to more tasty, hassle free meals!  See you Sunday!

Future swap dates- your vote is needed!

On our last post we had stated summer swaps would be on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  We are aware of at least one conflict with this selected schedule.

We are trying to set a consistent swap date that would work for most people most of the time.  This can be tricky with 12 busy schedules to coordinate! We are still thinking later in the evening (8 or 8:30).  Please look at your calendar and select ALL options that would usually work for you.    (please be generous in what you include as your options, if you might miss one, or if you might have to come a few minutes late don’t exclude as 12 schedules need to collide!)

Please vote by Thursday night (May 9th) to have your schedule included in determining when we will meet this summer.


PS- keep in mind we are meeting the 3rd week in May so we are shooting for at least the 2nd or 3rd week of the month

Summer food categories

The results are in!  We have 12 families committed to continuing on with our swap; we will miss Claire and her yummy food but understand meal swap isn’t for everyone at every time.

As we mentioned we are going to try out some new meal categories for summer cooking.  The categories we will be trying are…

  • Market Sandwiches– This isn’t your typical PB & J.  Impress us with your favorite sandwich (hot or cold) whether that be bread, pita, or wrap.
  • Entree Salads– 2 people are assigned to this category.  Ideally one of these salads could be frozen (for example, pasta salad fixings) and the other could be a fresh meal we all eat in the first few days after swap.  As you pick your two recipes for voting, try to have at least one choice that could be used later in the month.
  • Pizza– pizzas, calzones…introduce us to a new topping or your family favorites
  • Crock-pot– something you can throw in the crock-pot then go enjoy the day at the beach not worrying about dinner!
  • Grill– keep the kitchen cool and cook on the grill
  • Your choice–  if the vagueness of this category is overwhelming to you, try thinking of a meal your family loves that might not fit a specific category or use one of our former categories.  Really anything goes in this category!

Here are the assignments for June, start searching for recipes…

  • Market Sandwich-Stephanie, Susan
  • Entree Salad- Jill, Jess
  • Pizza- Linda, Marci
  • Crock-pot- Bethany, Heather
  • Grill- Sara, Rachel
  • Your Choice- Kelly, Cheryl

Mark your calendars…for the summer months, we plan to meet on the 3rd Tuesday evening of the month:

  • June 18
  • July 16
  • August 20

At our next swap (Sunday May 19th at 3:30), we will discuss what time of the evening people think will work best.  Possibly 8 or 8:30?