Summer food categories

The results are in!  We have 12 families committed to continuing on with our swap; we will miss Claire and her yummy food but understand meal swap isn’t for everyone at every time.

As we mentioned we are going to try out some new meal categories for summer cooking.  The categories we will be trying are…

  • Market Sandwiches– This isn’t your typical PB & J.  Impress us with your favorite sandwich (hot or cold) whether that be bread, pita, or wrap.
  • Entree Salads– 2 people are assigned to this category.  Ideally one of these salads could be frozen (for example, pasta salad fixings) and the other could be a fresh meal we all eat in the first few days after swap.  As you pick your two recipes for voting, try to have at least one choice that could be used later in the month.
  • Pizza– pizzas, calzones…introduce us to a new topping or your family favorites
  • Crock-pot– something you can throw in the crock-pot then go enjoy the day at the beach not worrying about dinner!
  • Grill– keep the kitchen cool and cook on the grill
  • Your choice–  if the vagueness of this category is overwhelming to you, try thinking of a meal your family loves that might not fit a specific category or use one of our former categories.  Really anything goes in this category!

Here are the assignments for June, start searching for recipes…

  • Market Sandwich-Stephanie, Susan
  • Entree Salad- Jill, Jess
  • Pizza- Linda, Marci
  • Crock-pot- Bethany, Heather
  • Grill- Sara, Rachel
  • Your Choice- Kelly, Cheryl

Mark your calendars…for the summer months, we plan to meet on the 3rd Tuesday evening of the month:

  • June 18
  • July 16
  • August 20

At our next swap (Sunday May 19th at 3:30), we will discuss what time of the evening people think will work best.  Possibly 8 or 8:30?


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