June Swap Debrief

Thanks to everyone for another great swap last night!  The food looks great and perfect for these summer days when the last thing we want is to spend extra time in the kitchen!  The July recipes look like they will be delicious as well, with a good variety of all sorts of tasty entrees.

A few detailey things:

– This last month Marci shared with us about her neighbors, whose little boy David is in the midst of 28 weeks of cancer treatment.  Several people from our group made an extra meal for Marci to bring over to David’s family.  If you know of situations where an extra meal could be a blessing, please feel free to let us know and we will post about it on the blog.  While we don’t at all want there to be any sense of obligation to make extra meals for these families or individauls, we do want to be part of offering opportunity to bless and encourage.  So as not to overwhelm our group, we will make sure to post about no more than one situation per month where the gift of meals would be appreciated.

– Welcome, Kristin and Holly!  We are glad that you are part of the swap!

– Part of our conversation last night centered around our group’s ongoing committment to be MSG-free.  Marci is glad to be a resource to anyone who needs suggestions about specific MSG-free items. (Peanuts and peanut butter are the other two allergy items we have agreed that our group will not use as ingredients.)

– Please do all you can to get your recipes posted to the blog by the Friday before the swap.  This is a great help to Marci as she pulls together all of the recipse and assembles the one master recipe document.

– Just a friendly reminder that meals should be brought frozen to the meal swap.  This helps ensure food safety, makes transporting home easier and less potentially messy, as well as makes packing into the freezer simpler.  I’m preaching to the choir on this one, as some of my meals weren’t frozen for yesterday’s swap!

– Lastly, just one more word of thanks to all of you for your work on the meals!  Your creativity and committment to putting together healthy, tasty meals makes meal time less stressful and more enjoyable for all of us.  Thank you, and happy summer!


July Recipes & August Assignments

Here are the recipes we voted on for July and your category assignments for August.

July Meal Selections

Market Sandwich
Kelly- Chicken Pesto Sandwich
Cheryl- Pepperoncini Beef Sandwiches
Entree Salad
Stephanie-Antipasta salad
Susan- Grilled Chicken Lettuce Salad
Jill- Salami, Spinach Alfredo Pizza
Jess- Chicago Style Pan Pizza
Kristen- Chicken Tacos
Marci- Cranberry Pork Loin
Holly- Grilled Pork Loin with yogurt & lime
Heather- Steak Kabob’s
Your Choice
Sara- Chicken Crescent Puffs
Rachel- Sloppy Joe’s

August Meal Category Assignments

Market Sandwich- Sara, Rachel
Entree Salad- Kelly, Cheryl
Pizza- Stephanie, Susan
Crock-pot- Jill, Jess
Grill- Kristen, Marci
Your Choice- Holly, Heather

June Recipes Needed!

Hi, Everyone –

Just a friendly reminder to please submit your recipes to the blog ASAP.  As of Saturday afternoon, we had only received 4 of them, so quite a few of us still need to get them in (me included!).  Getting them in by the Friday deadline helps give Marci enough time before the swap to assemble the recipe document, so let’s do all we can to make that a smooth, uncomplicated task for her.  Thanks, everyone – see you on Monday evening at 8 pm!

Meeting on Monday!

Is your freezer starting to look empty?  Our next swap is just around the corner!

We are excited that our 12th spot has been filled.  We will be welcoming 2 new members to our group, Kristen & Holly, on Monday!

A few reminders…

  • We meet next Monday (6/17) at Heather’s house at 8 pm
  • Bring 11 meals and leave one at home for your family (unless you wish to donate one to David’s family, then bring 12 meals)
  • Bring 2 recipes to be voted on for your July category.  In case you didn’t notice the categories were posted on the blog awhile ago, the category assignments are:
    • Market Sandwich- Kelly, Cheryl
    • Entree Salad- Stephanie, Susan
    • Pizza- Jill, Jess
    • Crock-pot- Kristen, Marci
    • Grill- Holly, Heather
    • Your Choice- Sara, Rachel
  • Submit your June recipe on the blog by Friday (6/14) of this week

And One More Thing!

One more thing!  I also heard from Bethany this past week that one of thier sons has recently tested positive for gluten sensitivity.  Because of this, she is sad to say (I believe that “super disappointed” were the exact words she used!) that she needs to pull out of the meal swap.  After all of her tasty food (was that Cobb salad this month not amazing?!), we will really miss her, but completely understand needing to make that decision for their family.  Because of this, we now have one open spot again.  If any of you are aware of anyone who might want to join us starting at the June swap, please let me know.  I know several people who have expessed interest in joining in the fall, but since this spot is open now, ideally we would fill it right away and keep the group full at 12 through the summer.  So, shoot me an email or a text if you have someone in mind.  Thanks!

An Opportunity…

Hi there – We’re celebrating the first day of summer break here at out house today… just wishing that it actually felt a little more summer-y so that we could break out the swimsuits and sunscreen and head to the beach!

Marci texted me yesterday to tell me about a situation with a family in her neighborhood that I wanted to pass on to you to consider as a potential opportunity.  There is a little 16 month old boy, David, who belongs to one of their neighbors who was recently diagnosed with very serious stage 3 cancer.  They had to remove his kidney and the tumor that was growing on it, and thankfully he now has a good prognosis.  However, he starts radiation this week and then will have 28 weeks of chemotherapy, so there is a long road to recovery ahead for this little guy and his family.   If anyone from our meal swap group would be interested in making one additional meal for our June swap , Marci would be happy to bring these extra meals to this family as a way to bless and encourage them during this really stressful and difficult time in their lives.  Obviously it may not be the right time for each of us to do this, but if it’s the right time for you, please consider this opportunity to pass along blessing and encouragement to David’s family.  And, if not David’s family, maybe there is another situation you know about in the circles that you travel in where a meal from you would be really appreciated.  No pressure at all – just wanted to pass along the opportunity, if it seems right!