An Opportunity…

Hi there – We’re celebrating the first day of summer break here at out house today… just wishing that it actually felt a little more summer-y so that we could break out the swimsuits and sunscreen and head to the beach!

Marci texted me yesterday to tell me about a situation with a family in her neighborhood that I wanted to pass on to you to consider as a potential opportunity.  There is a little 16 month old boy, David, who belongs to one of their neighbors who was recently diagnosed with very serious stage 3 cancer.  They had to remove his kidney and the tumor that was growing on it, and thankfully he now has a good prognosis.  However, he starts radiation this week and then will have 28 weeks of chemotherapy, so there is a long road to recovery ahead for this little guy and his family.   If anyone from our meal swap group would be interested in making one additional meal for our June swap , Marci would be happy to bring these extra meals to this family as a way to bless and encourage them during this really stressful and difficult time in their lives.  Obviously it may not be the right time for each of us to do this, but if it’s the right time for you, please consider this opportunity to pass along blessing and encouragement to David’s family.  And, if not David’s family, maybe there is another situation you know about in the circles that you travel in where a meal from you would be really appreciated.  No pressure at all – just wanted to pass along the opportunity, if it seems right!


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