Meeting on Monday!

Is your freezer starting to look empty?  Our next swap is just around the corner!

We are excited that our 12th spot has been filled.  We will be welcoming 2 new members to our group, Kristen & Holly, on Monday!

A few reminders…

  • We meet next Monday (6/17) at Heather’s house at 8 pm
  • Bring 11 meals and leave one at home for your family (unless you wish to donate one to David’s family, then bring 12 meals)
  • Bring 2 recipes to be voted on for your July category.  In case you didn’t notice the categories were posted on the blog awhile ago, the category assignments are:
    • Market Sandwich- Kelly, Cheryl
    • Entree Salad- Stephanie, Susan
    • Pizza- Jill, Jess
    • Crock-pot- Kristen, Marci
    • Grill- Holly, Heather
    • Your Choice- Sara, Rachel
  • Submit your June recipe on the blog by Friday (6/14) of this week

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