June Swap Debrief

Thanks to everyone for another great swap last night!  The food looks great and perfect for these summer days when the last thing we want is to spend extra time in the kitchen!  The July recipes look like they will be delicious as well, with a good variety of all sorts of tasty entrees.

A few detailey things:

– This last month Marci shared with us about her neighbors, whose little boy David is in the midst of 28 weeks of cancer treatment.  Several people from our group made an extra meal for Marci to bring over to David’s family.  If you know of situations where an extra meal could be a blessing, please feel free to let us know and we will post about it on the blog.  While we don’t at all want there to be any sense of obligation to make extra meals for these families or individauls, we do want to be part of offering opportunity to bless and encourage.  So as not to overwhelm our group, we will make sure to post about no more than one situation per month where the gift of meals would be appreciated.

– Welcome, Kristin and Holly!  We are glad that you are part of the swap!

– Part of our conversation last night centered around our group’s ongoing committment to be MSG-free.  Marci is glad to be a resource to anyone who needs suggestions about specific MSG-free items. (Peanuts and peanut butter are the other two allergy items we have agreed that our group will not use as ingredients.)

– Please do all you can to get your recipes posted to the blog by the Friday before the swap.  This is a great help to Marci as she pulls together all of the recipse and assembles the one master recipe document.

– Just a friendly reminder that meals should be brought frozen to the meal swap.  This helps ensure food safety, makes transporting home easier and less potentially messy, as well as makes packing into the freezer simpler.  I’m preaching to the choir on this one, as some of my meals weren’t frozen for yesterday’s swap!

– Lastly, just one more word of thanks to all of you for your work on the meals!  Your creativity and committment to putting together healthy, tasty meals makes meal time less stressful and more enjoyable for all of us.  Thank you, and happy summer!


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