July Swap Around the Corner!

Hi, All –
Can you believe that the July swap is already almost here?  Feels like the last month has flown by!  We’ll be meeting at my house from 8-9 pm next Monday, July 15th.  A few things:

– Just a general reminder that all entrees should provide for 6. Our freezer swap meals are indended to be the main dish, so when in doubt, please choose to be generous!

– Cheryl is planning to bring both her June and July meals to the swap, so you’ll be bringing two meals from her home on Monday. 

– Jill contacted me about a situation at her workplace where the gift of meals would be really appreciated.  Jill works in the US office of the Children’s Shelter of Cebu, a child caring ministry in Cebu City, Philippines.  Her co-worker, Roger, is the book keeper.  Roger and his wife, Jane traveled to Thailand last fall to volunteer teach English for a month. A week before they were scheduled to return home to Minnesota, they were riding in a bus down a mountain side when the brakes went out and the bus crashed into the mountain. Jane sustained a serious spinal cord injury. She was hospitalized for six months and underwent multiple surgeries. She is wheelchair bound and it is unlikely she will ever walk again. She has finally returned home but requires 24 hour care. They are sweet and caring people who have always volunteered their time for others. It would be great to offer them a few extra meals.  If this works for you this month, Jill would be happy to bring meals to them after our swap next week.  Also, if it doesn’t work to make an extra meal this month, but you have one from a prior month still sitting in your freezer waiting to be enjoyed, that would be a great gift instead!

– Anyone have any encouraging feedback on some of the meals your family especially enjoyed this month?  Leave a comment!

– Please be thinking a bit about our categories for the fall.  Do you have any ideas about what categories you would love to have included, or ones you think we should make sure to drop?  We plan to introduce the fall/winter categories with the September swap,so any feedback as we plan for that is appreciated!

– Please submit your July recipes to the blog by this Friday evening so that Marci can assemble the master recipe document over the weekend and have it ready for Monday.  Thank you!

I think that’s it for now.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday!



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