Short Update!

Hi, All –
Wanted to check in quickly about one of our July meals, the Pepperoncini Beef Sandwiches. We’ve heard from a couple folks that there was some mold on the bread. Cheryl, of course, is appalled, as she had bought the bread the Thursday before swap, had it in the freezer and it had been dated with a “use by” date of July 20th – 5 days after our swap. If your bread isn’t good, and you’d like to hold the beef part of it in the freezer for a bit, Cheryl is happy to replace the bread at our August swap. Just shoot me a quick email or leave a comment below so that she knows how much bread to pick up.

Also, if anyone knows of another situation where the gift of meals would be helpful, please keep me posted and we’ll post about it prior to the August swap. Thank you! Hope everyone is enjoying the July meals… we had Jill’s Salami and Spinach Pizza for dinner tonight, and it was a hit!


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