August Menu & September Assignments

I don’t know about your family but we have already enjoyed a few tasty meals from our July swap and I’m excited to heat up the grill tonight to try the Kabobs!

Below are the meals that were voted on August and your assignments for September (wow, it is hard to believe we are talking September!)

Please let Heather or me know, or comment on this post, if you have ideas for recipe categories to have/ not have when we roll out the fall categories next month.

August Meal Selections

Market Sandwich
Sara- Caprese Sandwich
Rachel- Cuban Sandwich
Entree Salad
Kelly- Mexican Chicken Salad
Cheryl- Chicken Orzo Salad
Stephanie- Broccoli, Ham, Alfredo Pizza
Susan/Brad- Calzones
Jill- Taco Soup
Jess- Root-beer BBQ Pork
Kristen- Juicy Lucy Hamburgers
Marci- Raspberry Chicken
Your Choice
Holly- Chicken Pierogi Alfredo Casserole
Heather- Chicken Tortellini

September Meal Category Assignments

Market Sandwich- Holly, Heather
Entree Salad- Sara, Rachel
Pizza- Kelly, Cheryl
Crock-pot- Stephanie, Susan/Brad
Grill- Jill, Jess
Your Choice- Kristen, Marci


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