August Swap Details

Hi, All –
Happy August! I’m feeling like these days are rushing by, with the end of summer and the beginning of the school year nipping at my heels! I’m doing my best to ignore them both for as long as possible and to just stay present in these remaining lovely days!

A few things regarding the August swap that I wanted to touch base about:
– We will meet at my house on Monday, August 19th from 8-9 pm. It will probably be dark by the time we get around to doing our actual swap, so bring your coolers into the house and we’ll swap inside.
– Stephanie is stepping out of the group beginning this month, so please bring 10 rather than 11 meals to the swap. We’ll be back up to our full 12 again for the September swap.
– Marci and I will both be out of town this week and won’t be returning until Sunday night. PLEASE please please submit your recipes to the blog so that Marci can work her organizational pdf magic on Monday before the swap. She won’t have time this month to do any extra tracking down of recipes that aren’t submitted on time, so please give your best effort in getting all recipes in!
– We’ve been chatting some about what to do about our swap meeting time going forward into the fall. What do you think? Should we stick with Monday pm, or go back to Sunday? We’ll talk more about this at the swap, but please come with your input!
– Lastly, we’ll be switching up the categories for the fall beginning with the October meal category assignments. We’ll be going mostly back to the categories we cooked from this spring (i.e. Italian/Mediterranean, North American/European, Asian/Indian, Southwestern/Latin American, Your Choice) We’ll be doing away with the soups and stew category, which means we’re looking for a replacement category. How would you like to see that category replaced? We truly would like your ideas on this, so give it some thought and we’ll talk more at the swap.

Happy meal prepping, everyone! Looking forward to seeing each of you next week!


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