A Few Things…

Hi, Meal Swap Friends –
I hope this finds you well and staying warm on these “too cool too early” fall days! My kids asked for their winter gear early in the week, and I found myself groaning as I thought about how we have to wear all of that now for the next 6 months!

A couple of things to touch base about. First, thanks for all of the tasty meals so far! My family has especially enjoyed the Parmesan Turkey Meatloaf, the Sweet and Sour Chicken and the Anytime Chicken. I wanted to let you know that we’re changing up the Japanese Mac and Cheese recipe a bit due to some unexpectedly scorched cheese sauce. Kelly, of course, was horrified, but we all know that snafoos happen and we just move on! Please remove and toss the bag of cheese sauce, and at our November swap, she’ll bring new ones for us all.

I know we’ve talked about this before, but I’ve heard feedback recently from several people who have been wondering if the meals they’ve brought to the swap are being enjoyed. If your family particularly likes a meal, would you take a minute and leave a comment? We all value affirmation and helpful feedback, especially when we’ve put a lot of effort into getting our meals prepped and ready to go. Thanks!

Last, we don’t have anyone designated to receive “extra” meals from our swap at this point for either November or December. If anyone is aware of a situation where the gift of meals would be helpful, please let me know. After our swap earlier this month, Cheryl stopped by to pick up the meals we had made for her, and she was so so thankful to receive them. Thanks again for your generosity in this way!

That’s it from me for today. Take good care!


November Meals and Recipe Category Assignments

Our next swap will be Sunday, November 10th at 8 pm.   Here are the meals that were voted to be prepared for our November Swap…

Jill- Lasagna Soup
Jess- Italian Grinders
North American/European
Emily- Chicken Divan
Susan- “Brad’s Cabbage Deal”
Sara- General Tso’s Chicken
Rachel- Beef Stir-Fry
Southwestern/Latin American
Kelly- Philly Chicken CheeseSteak
Karna- Mexican Mac & Cheese
Breakfast entree
Kristen- Creme Brûlée French Toast
Marci- Apple Cherry Pork
Your Choice
Heather-Korean BBQ Strip Steak
Holly- Baked Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Penne

As we discussed, we will be trying out new recipe categories next month.  For most categories, you will be assigned a protein and you can go down any path for the ethnicity, preparation, etc.

December Category Assignments
(wow can’t believe I just typed “December”- better start Christmas shopping 😉

Chicken: Holly, Jess, Marci
Pork: Jill, Sara, Karna
Beef: Emily, Kelly, Susan
Pasta: Heather
Breakfast: Rachel
Your Choice: Kristen

If the lack of specificity in the categories seems daunting- think about what your family really eats. Your family favorites might become our families’ favorites as well! Also, feel free to reference our previous categories for ideas to narrow down your search.

As always, we appreciate your feedback as to how these new categories work and will adapt as the group sees fit!

Lastly, here is the link for the oatmeal recipe Kristen presented that many asked for: http://www.food.com/recipe/amish-baked-oatmeal-117211

Recipes are due…

Happy Friday everyone!  

Please remember today is the deadline to submit your recipe for the meal you prepped/ are prepping for our swap.  I need to work on the documents tomorrow morning; so if you want your recipe included, please submit today.

See you Sunday!

October Swap!

Hi, Everyone –
The October swap is just a few days away, which reminds me that I still have a lot of meal prep work to do! A few reminders:

– We’ll be meeting this Sunday, October 13th from 8-9 pm at my house
– Please bring 11 meals with you, leaving the 12th (if you chose to make one) at home for your family to enjoy
– If anyone would like to make an extra meal, this month we will be bringing any extras to one of our former meal-swappers, Cheryl. Cheryl and her family have had a heavy load over the past months, and we are excited about the opportunity to encourage/bless them through the gift of meals. No pressure at all to participate, but if this is right for you, please bring a 12th meal and we’ll see that it gets to Cheryl and her family.
– Are there any meals that you have especially loved? If so, tell us about it! It’s really encouraging as the meal prepper to know that what we made was enjoyed, so if you liked something, please take a moment and jot a quick note in the comment section.
– Lastly, please submit your recipe for Sunday’s swap to the blog by this Friday so that Marci has time to put together the Recipe pdf.

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing everyone this coming Sunday!