December Meals and Recipe Category Assignments

Recipes for November are now available on the blog.  I’m excited for the meal we voted on to receive in December…

December Meals

Jess- Chicken Pot Pie
Holly- Hawaiian Chicken
Marci- Cheesy Chicken Rice Hotdish
Jill- Chalupas
Sara- Hawaiian Roll Ham Sandwiches
Karna- Pulled Pork
Kelly- Chili
Emily- Mini Pizzas
Anna- Beef Enchiladas
Heather- Lasagna (with red sauce)
Rachel- Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast
Your Choice
Kristen- Lasagna (with white sauce)

January Category Assignments

Chicken: Heather, Rachel, Kristen
Pork: Holly, Jess, Marci
Beef: Jill, Sara, Karna
Pasta: Anna
Breakfast: Kelly
Your Choice: Emily

Our next swap will be Sunday, December 8th at 8 pm.


Recipes Due!

Hi, Everyone – Last call for recipes to be submitted to the blog! Also, a heads up that the December swap is a go – everyone who responded said that they were up for running the swap as normal, so that’s the plan! See you on Sunday evening at 8!


November Update

Hi, All –
Just a quick check-in before our swap this coming Sunday, November 10th at 8 pm. A couple of things to mention…
– Kristen’s mother in law is battling Stage 4 cancer, with a pretty grim prognosis of 6-12 months to live. Kristen has been sharing some of their meals each month with her in-laws, but they would definitely be thankful recipients of any meals that our swap members would like to send their way. If this is the right thing for you this month, please bring an extra meal for Kristen’s in-laws, and she will make sure that they are delivered. Thanks!
– I’ll be sending individual emails out shortly just as a general check-in, and also to poll the group on how we want the swap to run in December. My initial thoughts are that we will run it as normal, but given that sometimes people travel or do a lot of entertaining (or are the recipients of entertainment and therefore don’t have to cook!), if you would like to take the month of December off, that is an option. The flip side of this is that sometimes the fullness of the holidays can make freezer meals especially advantageous, and we do still have to eat even when we are busy. So, think about this and please email me back with how your family would like to participate in December. If the number of swap participants is really low, it’s possible that we would just skip December and resume in January, but we’ll play that by ear.
– I wanted to follow up a bit on our brief conversation at the last swap regarding the use of whole grains/brown rice, etc. While we all want healthy meals for our families, I think we also want tasty food that is reasonably priced to prepare and that our families will eat and enjoy. Sometimes this will involve the use of whole grains, brown rice, etc., and sometimes it will not. I guess I want to make sure that no one went away from that conversation thinking that from this point forward, we have become an uber health conscious swapping group. Certainly choosing healthy meals for our families is a value we all share, but if a recipe calls for white rice and you would prefer that your family eats brown, please go ahead and make the substitution at home for your family. I hope that that makes sense, and we can definitely chat more about it at the November swap, if needed.
– For Sunday’s swap, please bring 11 meals (or 12 if you are bringing one for Kristen’s family), leaving one at home for your family to enjoy. Brad and Susan have decided to step out of the group, as their “stock-pile” of meals has grown way too large, so November will be their last month with us. This means that we do have one open spot, so if anyone knows of someone who would be interested in joining our group, feel free to let me know ASAP.
– And finally, please post your recipes to the blog by Friday of this week. J Thank you!

I think that’s it! Hope your prepping goes well this week, and see you on Sunday at 8 pm!