Oven pancake meal…

Karna posted a comment about her oven pancake meal- however, most people don’t get e-mails for each comment and wanted to make sure you saw her comment to prevent any concerns…

Hey all, (not sure if this is the correct spot to post this comment.) Heather and I chatted about my meal- the oven pancakes- and the discoloration. I have never frozen this recipe before. My family ate them last week- and I too noticed the grey color of the batter. I have experienced this with other pancake batters that I have frozen in the past. I am not sure if it is the egg, or the flour- ( I use a white-whole wheat flour) or a combination of the two. I poured the batter into a mixing bowl and remixed the batter quite a bit before adding the ham. These oven pancakes are a family favorite- I am so sorry for the way they look-I really wish they hadn’t discolored! By the way- we ate them last week, they still tasted great, not as fluffy as freshly made though!


March Meals & April Category Assignments

March Meals & April Category Assignments

March Meals
Sara- Chicken Wild Rice Casserole
Karna- Very Greek Grilled Chicken
Kelly- Pulled Pork with Broccoli Slaw
Heather- Beef Stroganoff
Kristen- Sloppy Joes
Michelle- Beef Stew
Marci- Chicken Cacciatore
Jess- Cinnamon Roll Bake
Your Choice
Holly- Orange Chicken

April Category Assignments
Chicken: Marci, Jess, Holly
Pork: Sara, Karna
Beef: Kelly, Tanya
Pasta: Kristen
Breakfast: Michelle
Your Choice: Heather

FYI-Until we have an idea of how many people will be in our group- our assignments may be a bit wacky- but in trying to keep protein rotation fair hesitant to move things around too much.

Our next swap will be March 9th at 8 pm  (remember recipes will be due early (Wednesday before swap) as Marci will be out of town)

One more thing…

Hi again –
One thing to think about prior to our swap tomorrow pm… We’ve heard from Jill and Emily, who sat the swap out last month, and they are going to pull out of the swap after this month. Tomorrow night we’d like to chat about whether we should just transition to being a 10 person swap, or if we should put out feelers again and fill the two open spots to keep us at 12. If you could put a little thought into this, that would be great, and if you have any friends who come to mind who mgiht be interested in meal swapping, we could talk about that tomorrow, too. Thanks, and we’ll see everyone tomorrow night!

February Swap Update

Hi, All –
Just touching base about a couple of things…

First, a reminder to bring 11 meals to the next swap, which is this coming Sunday, February 9th, at 8 pm at my house.

Second, if you are interested in preparing an additional meal, this month we are designating extra meals for Kristen’s mother in law, Janet, who is battling cancer. You may remember that we sent meals to them several months ago, but thought that additional meals would be helpful as Janet is currently completing her second cancer treatment. Kristen sent the following update: “Each treatment lasts five days and wreaks havoc on her body as she fights the cancer. When not hospitalized, she suffers from the side effects from the oral medication that she takes, which include nausea, extreme fatigue, incredibly itchy, painful skin, all while trying to hold down her full-time job (the source of their health insurance). Your prayers and support are so appreciated. Janet’s Caringbridge account is http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/janetshadis” If this is the right thing for you this month, feel free to bring a 12th meal and Kristen will deliver them to her in-laws.

Third, at our last swap we talked specifically about suggested guidelines for portion sizes (ie amounts of meat to use) for meal prepping. Marci has updated the Meal Swap Guidelines to include that information, so if you missed the conversation at the January swap, please take a look at these so that we are all on the same page in having somewhat standardized portions.

Last, please submit your recipes to the blog by Friday of this week to allow Marci ample time to work her magic in putting the master recipe list together.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing everyone this coming Sunday!