Oven pancake meal…

Karna posted a comment about her oven pancake meal- however, most people don’t get e-mails for each comment and wanted to make sure you saw her comment to prevent any concerns…

Hey all, (not sure if this is the correct spot to post this comment.) Heather and I chatted about my meal- the oven pancakes- and the discoloration. I have never frozen this recipe before. My family ate them last week- and I too noticed the grey color of the batter. I have experienced this with other pancake batters that I have frozen in the past. I am not sure if it is the egg, or the flour- ( I use a white-whole wheat flour) or a combination of the two. I poured the batter into a mixing bowl and remixed the batter quite a bit before adding the ham. These oven pancakes are a family favorite- I am so sorry for the way they look-I really wish they hadn’t discolored! By the way- we ate them last week, they still tasted great, not as fluffy as freshly made though!


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