A Few Detailey Things…

Hi, All –
Happy sort-of spring! A few things to touch base with you about prior to our next swap on Sunday, April 13th…

– I am way behind on this, but a couple of weeks ago, Kelly sent me abbreviated prep instructions for her pulled pork tacos. On the off-chance that you haven’t made them yet and would appreciate a “cliff-note“ version of the instructions, here is what she advises: 1. Put pork and rub (in fridge bag)) in crock pot on high for 8+ hours. 2. Dump bag of BBQ sauce (small bag) in and shred pork. Cook another hour. 3. Serve on tortillas with chipotle mayo and broccoli slaw. I apologize for the delay in getting that out!
– As you can see from Marci’s post the other day, we’re transitioning to “warm weather” categories for the May swap. One small edit to the post is that we’ll just be having one Entrée Salad spot, and two Crock Pot spots. Please let us know if you have any other ideas for additional categories that might be fun to try! If we fill the group back up to 12 swappers, we will need to add one additional category. We still do have two open spots in the group, so let either me or Marci know if you know someone who might be a good fit!
– While on the topic of warmer weather, for the months of June, July and August we’ll be moving the swap to 8 pm on the second MONDAY evening of the month, rather than the second Sunday. Many people enjoy weekends away at cabins during the summer months, so we’d rather steer clear of weekend evenings for those three months. We plan to transition back to Sunday evenings for the September swap.
– For the April swap, we are designating any “extra”’ meals people would like to bring to go to Jess’ sister, Jen, who is going through a difficult divorce. She has four kids, between the ages of 3 and 10, and this is understandably a really challenging time for them. If this works for you this month, feel free to bring an extra meal for Jen’s family, and Jess will make sure that it gets to them. If you are aware of a situation where the gift of meals would be helpful, please let me know, as we don’t have anyone currently designated for the May or June swaps.

I think that’s it for now… thanks for all of the tasty meals so far this month, and I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!



New Category Assignments for May Recipes

May Category Assignments

Market Sandwich- Kristen & Michelle
Grill- Karna & Tanya
Entree Salad- Holly
Breakfast- Marci
Crock-pot- Heather & Jess
Your choice- Sara & Kelly

If we get back up to 12 members, we will need one more warm weather category.  Let us know if you have any suggestions for a category that lines up with what your family likes to eat in the warmer weather.


Here is an explanation of the new categories (copied from a post last spring…)
Market Sandwiches- this isn’t your typical PB & J. Impress us with your favorite sandwich (hot or cold) whether that be bread, pita, or wrap.
Grill– keep the kitchen cool and cook on the grill
Entree Salads– pasta salads, lettuce salads, quinoa salad, the possibilities are endless.  Keep in mind this should be the entree, not just a side salad.  These salads will most likely include fresh ingredients so we will need to eat this meal in the first few days after swap.
Crock-pot- something you can throw in the crock-pot then go enjoy the day at the beach not worrying about dinner!
Your choice- if the vagueness of this category is overwhelming to you, try thinking of a meal your family loves that might not fit a specific category or use one of our former categories. Really anything goes in this category!

New categories…

Sorry I didn’t get the memo about the new categories before I sent the last post.  Disregard the categories listed in the previous post and stay tuned for the new categories to be posted soon.

Grilling, salads, warm weather foods sound delightful 🙂

April Meals & May Categories

April Meals & May Category Assignments

April Meals
Marci- Chicken Enchiladas
Jess- Cheesy Chicken “Bundles”
Holly- Chicken Parmesan
Sara- Sweet & Spicy Pork Loin
Karna- Pork Burritos
Megan- Hawaiian Pork Chops
Kelly- Flank Steak (grill)
Tanya- Italian Beef Sandwiches
Kristen- Mexican Stuffed Shells
Michelle- Amish Breakfast Casserole
Your Choice
Heather- Cheesy Bacon Burgers (grill)

May Category Assignments- To Be Determined…

Our next swap will be April 13th at 8 pm

For the March swap!

Hi, Everyone –
I hope this finds everyone staying reasonably warm… This prolonged coldness has me bordering on lethargic, so I”m eager for some hints of spring (or just temps above freezing would be fine, too!).

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone next Sunday, March 9th for our next swap! As of today, we still have three spots open, putting our number at 9. This means that you should prep 9 meals, leave one at home for your family to enjoy, and bring 8 to the swap. At our February swap we agreed that we’d ideally like to have at least 10 in the swap, so if you know of anyone who might be interested and a good fit, please check in with them!

If you’re interested in bringing an additional meal, this month we are gifting them to Holly’s friend and neighbor, Alisha. Alisha’s kindergarten-aged daughter has leukemia, and March and April are critical treatment months for her. We sent meals to them last fall as well, and felt that to offer them again during this especially key time would be helpful. Right now we don’t have anyone designated for April, so if you know of a situation where the gift of meals would be appreciated, feel free to let us know.

Just a reminder, too, that since Marci is leaving for her tropical Hawaiian vacation on Sunday, we need to have all recipes submitted to the blog by this Wednesday. If it doesn’t work for you to get yours in by then, please plan to bring 8 copies of your recipe along with you to the swap.

I didn’t get a February comment spot up earlier in the month, but I’ll post one in case anyone would like to leave feedback prior to next week. Also, Jess ended up with two ham and cheese calzones, so if anyone did not get one, please let us know!

I think that’s it for now… happy meal prepping and see you in a week!