May Meals and June Categories

May Meals & June Category Assignments

May Meals

Market Sandwich
Kristen- Pulled Turkey
Michelle- “Round Loaf Thing” 🙂
Karna- Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich
Tanya- Honey Glazed Chicken
Jessi- Beef- TBD
Entree Salad
Holly- “Applebee’s” Oriental Salad
Marci- Egg McMuffin Sandwiches
Heather- BBQ Spare Ribs
Jess- Tamale Pie
Your Choice
Sara-Cheesy Meatballs
Kelly- Cuban Sandwiches
Megan- Kung Pao Chicken


June Category Assignments

Market Sandwich- Holly & Marci
Crock-pot- Kristen & Michelle
Your choice- Heather & Jess
Grill Chicken-Kelly
Grill Beef- Megan
Grill Your Choice- Sara
Entree Salad- Tanya
Breakfast- Jessi
Pizza- Karna

Couple notes…

  • We are excited to welcome Jessi to the group so all 12 spots are full!  Plan to bring 12 meals in May.
  • We added the pizza category for our 12th spot.  As we discussed, if you are prepping the pizza category and using pre-made dough, in most instances it would need to be 2 pizzas per family to meet our 6 serving expectation.

April Recipe Comment Spot

Here is the place to leave feedback regarding any of the April recipes! There were a couple of recipes that didn’t get chosen at the April swap that several people asked if they could get, so this would be a great spot to post them…

Please Submit Recipes!

Just a friendly reminder to please submit your recipes to the blog by tomorrow (Friday) evening so that Marci can have time to assemble them in the pdf format. Thanks again, Marci, for your work each month putting this together! Happy almost weekend, and see you all this coming Sunday at 8 pm!

April Numbers Update

We are happy to welcome a new swapper, Megan, to our group! Megan is a friend from church of several of us. Despite having a brand new baby, she is ready to jump in right away and prep for the April swap, which means that we should each prep 11 entrees and bring 10 to the swap, keeping one at home for our families to enjoy. Megan will be cooking from the Pork category and making some yummy pork chops. Welcome, Megan!