May Meals and June Categories

May Meals & June Category Assignments

May Meals

Market Sandwich
Kristen- Pulled Turkey
Michelle- “Round Loaf Thing” 🙂
Karna- Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich
Tanya- Honey Glazed Chicken
Jessi- Beef- TBD
Entree Salad
Holly- “Applebee’s” Oriental Salad
Marci- Egg McMuffin Sandwiches
Heather- BBQ Spare Ribs
Jess- Tamale Pie
Your Choice
Sara-Cheesy Meatballs
Kelly- Cuban Sandwiches
Megan- Kung Pao Chicken


June Category Assignments

Market Sandwich- Holly & Marci
Crock-pot- Kristen & Michelle
Your choice- Heather & Jess
Grill Chicken-Kelly
Grill Beef- Megan
Grill Your Choice- Sara
Entree Salad- Tanya
Breakfast- Jessi
Pizza- Karna

Couple notes…

  • We are excited to welcome Jessi to the group so all 12 spots are full!  Plan to bring 12 meals in May.
  • We added the pizza category for our 12th spot.  As we discussed, if you are prepping the pizza category and using pre-made dough, in most instances it would need to be 2 pizzas per family to meet our 6 serving expectation.

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