June Meals & July Categories

June Meals & July Category Assignments

June Meals

Market Sandwich
Holly- Chicken Pesto Sandwiches
Marci- Hot Roast Beef & Cheese Sandwiches
Kristen- “Heather’s” Chicken Cordon Blue
Your choice
Heather- “Marci’s” Cheesy BBQ Mini Meatloaves
Jess- Sloppy Joes
Grill Chicken
Kelly- Grilled Chicken Cesear Sandwiches
Grill Beef
Megan- Steak Braciole
Grill Your Choice
Sara- Turkey Bacon Burgers
Entree Salad
Tanya- Walking Tacos
Jessi- Savory Breakfast Rolls


July Category Assignments

Market Sandwich- Tanya & Jessi
Crock-pot- Holly & Marci
Your choice- Kristen
Grill Chicken-Heather
Grill Beef- Jess
Grill Your Choice- Karna
Entree Salad- Kelly
Breakfast- Megan
Pizza- Sara



Gift of Meals opportunity for June

For anyone is interested and able we will be gifting meals to Danyel’s family at our June swap.

Danyel and her family attend the same church as Kristen and I attend.  Danyel and her husband have 3 kids- the oldest son has Down Syndrome and is a great joy but requires a lot of assistance and time advocating for his needs.  They are currently struggling financially as the father, who was the sole provider, lost his job as a restaurant manager 4 months ago.  He has applied for over 100 jobs- none of which have worked out as he was either over qualified or under qualified.  Danyel was fortunate to find a job as a para in a school but that job will be ending here in a few weeks when school lets out.  Their insurance has run out, one of their cars recently caught on fire so they are down to one car, and the list of financial struggles go on and on.  Through their struggles, again and again I have been amazed by Danyel’s strength, hope and trust in God’s provisions.

Here is a snapshot of Danyel’s positive outlook (quoted from her Facebook post)
If “everything happens for a reason” and “God has a plan”- then these last four months have to mean something right? My guess:
1. We REALLY needed the time to focus on our marriage and this parenting gig. 
2. He needed to understand the stay at home thing and I needed to understand the working thing.
3. We needed our friendship to grow. Because when no one else knows what to say to us anymore- we still have each other.
4. We needed to learn the fine art of getting by with as little as possible.
5. We had to learn to remain positive and full of hope. Not to say there haven’t been tough days. We just had to hang on tighter then.
6. It’s pretty cool that we can laugh together, and it’s pretty nice that we can cry too.
7. We know what truly matters in life. People and relationships.
8. Love is what everyone needs to make it through anything.(So love everybody because we are all going through something.)
9. I can trust that it will all be okay and so will we.
10. Way down the road when retirement comes- we are going to have so much fun!!!!
Please keep us in your prayers- but don’t worry about us- we are happier than we have ever been.

Happy May!

Hi, All… I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful, springy day! As we get ready for our May swap a week from today, please remember to submit your recipe to the blog by Friday evening of this week to give Marci enough time to work her magic in compiling the pdf of May recipes.

Also an update on our numbers – I’ve just heard from Michelle that she is needing to step out of the swap due to her kids’ ongoing aversion to meat and their decision as a family to go a bit more organic in their approach to shopping and cooking. We welcomed Jessi earlier this month, so we presently have 11 people in our swap, which means that we should prep 11 entrees and bring 10 to the swap, leaving one at home for our families to enjoy.

I haven’t heard from anyone this month about situations where the gift of meals would be helpful… if you know of any, feel free to be in contact with me so that we can let the group know.

And finally, at our last swap we also talked a bit about how, since our May meeting falls on Mothers Day, it might be fun to invite whoever is interested to bring a yummy (and probably simple, since it’s not meant to be stressful!) snack to share to the swap that we could enjoy munching on while we are together. I’ll plan to have homemade cookies and beverages, and if it works for you to bring something to share, that’s great, but no worries if it doesn’t!

All for now! See you in a week!