July Meals & August Category Assignments

July Meals & August Category Assignments

July Meals

Market Sandwich
Tanya-Tailgate sandwiches
Jessi- Meatball sandwiches
Holly- Savory Peppersteak
Marci- “World’s Best Chicken”
Your choice
Kristen- Chicken Italiano
Grill Chicken
Heather- Chicken grill packets
Grill Beef
Jess-Meatloaf burgers
Grill Your Choice
Karna- Peanut Kabobs
Entree Salad
Kelly-Quinoa Salad
Megan- Egg Boats
Sara- Alfredo Salami Flatbreads


August Category Assignments

Market Sandwich- Sara & Megan
Crock-pot- Tanya & Jessi
Your choice- Kelly & Holly
Grill Chicken- Shanya
Grill Beef- Kristen
Grill Your Choice- Marci
Entree Salad- Heather
Breakfast- Jess
Pizza- Karna


We are happy to welcome Shayna to our group to start swapping in August.    She hopes to come to our July meeting to meet everyone and present her recipes.



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