August Comment Spot and Quick Update

Hi, All –
Just a couple of things this evening… First, I wanted to get the date of the September swap out to you. We’ll be meeting at 8 pm on Sunday, September 14th at my house. Going forward into fall, we’ll plan to meet on the second Sunday of each month, rather than the second Monday.

A reminder that we are gifting Tanya’s in-laws with meals at the September swap. Because it is just the two of them, Tanya said at the August swap that a much smaller portion would be best. No pressure at all, but if this is the right thing for you this month, feel free to bring an extra (smaller) meal along, and Tanya will make sure it gets to them. Thanks!

If there are meals that you have particularly enjoyed this month, this is also the spot to leave some feedback… I know that we are often curious to know how our meals were received, so if you have a chance, take a moment to jot a couple lines about which meals your family has particularly enjoyed.

I think that’s it for now…. Hope you all are well – wish me luck this week in figuring out how to best prep coffeecakes for everyone! šŸ™‚



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