October Swap Update

Hi, Everyone –

Happy first day of October!

A couple of things… First, thanks to all of you for your flexibility in being willing to move up the time of the October 12th swap.  I’ve heard from most of you that that will work, so we’ll plan for a 3:30 pm swap at my house on October 12th.  We’ll return to the 8 pm time for the November meal swap.

Second, a reminder that extra meals for the month of October will go to my friend, Jen, who is on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy.  Their baby (a big surprise, and #4) is due on December 1st, but she has already started going into labor, so is on strict bed rest for as long as she can sustain the pregnancy.  She and her husband have three little girls between the ages of 5 and 8, so they have a busy household.  If this works for you this month, please bring an extra meal to the swap (so bring 11 to the swap rather than 10… Marci is sitting this month out, so we are down one) and I will pass it on to their family.  Marci’s friend, Tina, will be the recipient of extra meals for November. Keep me posted if you know of someone we should designate for the month of December….

Third, Megan has contacted me about being interested in transitioning to being an “every other” month swapper.  Their family includes two kids ages 3 and under, and she’s finding that while she is really interested in continuing with the swap, they are not always getting through all of the meals each month.  I’m wondering if there is anyone in the swap who either knows of someone who might like to come into the swap to fill the “other” months that Megan would not be using, or if there is anyone who might like to switch themselves to an “every other” month status.  Please contact me if you’d like to talk more about either of those possibilities.

Last, a reminder to please bring 10 paper copies of your recipe to the swap, unless you submitted your recipe to the blog earlier in the month prior to Marci leaving for her Disney World vacation.  Thank you, and I look forward to seeing everyone in a week and a half or so!



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