November Gift of Meals

Hello fellow meal swappers 🙂

Heather shared at the last swap that in November we would be gifting meals to my friend Tina.  I wanted to give you a little background information on Tina and the reason why a gift of meals would be a blessing to her family at this time.  Here is a portion of a blog post from Tina’s blog about her surgery…

“Turns out I have multiple pelvic organs caving in on each other.  Which requires some hefty surgery.  In addition to a lengthy recovery.  Because of my “young” age, there is a risk of it happening again after surgery so my doctor has recommended a lifetime lifting restriction.  Which will obviously impact my business in a huge way as a photographer used to carrying two bags, two cameras, and multiple lenses to each session.  It means never lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk which has me wondering how I will get the vacuum cleaner upstairs or what my weekend scrapbooking retreats will look like or how I will take care of grandbabies someday.  It means needing help to drain a pot of boiling potatoes, the end of winter shoveling, carrying smaller loads to and from the laundry room, and doubling the number of bags I use at the grocery store.

It also means a lot of things that are scary to me. ”

I’m happy to report that Tina had her surgery yesterday and everything seemed to go well.  She is in a lot of pain and will be in the hospital for the next few days.   If you are able to gift a meal to Tina this month I know Tina, her husband & two teenage boys will appreciate the help as the “guys” in the family try to care for Tina as she heals over the coming months.

See you all on the 9th!


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