December Update

Hello there!
It feels like it’s been a long time since our last swap! We’ll be meeting this coming Sunday at 4 pm at my house. Please note that for January, we’ll meet at 8 pm, but then we’ll be back at 4 pm for February and March swaps. Karna is out for the month of December (she and Brent welcomed their new baby daughter, Freya Grace, in mid-November), so prep 11 and bring 10 to the swap, unless you are bringing one for Sara’s uncle, in which case you’d bring 11 to the swap.

A couple detailey things have come up over the course of the month…
– we’ve decided that one entrée of soup and one entrée of breakfast is a good, balanced amount for the swap each month. Going forward, we won’t present breakfast or soup recipes for any categories other than the Soup and Breakfast categories. So, if I have Pork as my category, I would bring recipes other than soup or breakfast recipes involving pork.
– when using foil pans, if we’re not using the actual foil covers, it’s really important to double or even triple foil wrap the top. This preserves the integrity of the food, prevents freezerburn and helps lessen the chances that the foil will rip if jostled around in the freezer.

Last, just a friendly reminder to please submit your recipe to the blog by this Friday evening so that Marci can assemble the recipe pdf prior to the Sunday swap.

I think that’s it for now. Thanks for all of the tasty meals this month, and I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday afternoon!



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