March Meals and April Category Assignments

March Meals

Holly- Cream cheese chicken
Jess- Teiyaki chicken sandwiches
Karna- Pork chalupas
Megan- Parmesan baked pork chops
Kelly- Ranch burgers
Kristen- Walking tacos
Pan Oven Ready
Sara- Cheesy BBQ meatloaves
Alisha- Cucumber turkey wraps
Marci- Beef/sausage spinach tomato soup
Heather- Mac-n-cheese of Eggplant parmesan
Jessi- Chad’s famous french toast
Your Choice
Shayna- Orange Chicken

April Category Assignments

Chicken- Jessi & Shayna
Pork- Holly & Jess
Beef- Karna & Megan
Pan Oven Ready- Kelly
Grab-n-Go- Kristen
Soup- Alisha
Vegetarian- Sara
Breakfast- Marci
Your Choice- Heather


On Submitting Recipes….

Hi there…

As Marci takes much needed time to be with her family as they grieve the passing of her mom, Sara Tan has graciously offered to spearhead collecting our recipes and putting them into a document this month…. thank you, Sara!  Please email your recipes to Sara as soon as possible, preferably by Friday evening, to give her time to compile a master document.  We will then email that out to everyone so that all of the recipes are in one place. Sara’s email is  As much as is possible, please try to send your recipe in the format that we typically use on the blog.  Thank you!

See you Sunday at 4!


Pre-February Swap Update

Hi, Everyone –

A quick update before our next swap this coming Sunday, February 8th! We’ll meet at my house at 4 pm both for this month and next, and then reevaluate our meeting time for our April swap.

A few things:

  • We are gifting extra meals this month to the friend that Sara told our group about…. A woman with lots going on, including kids with some special needs and a recent miscarriage.  Our swap is full this month with 12 swappers, so if you are bringing a meal for this family, prep 13 meals and bring 12 to the swap.  Otherwise, please prep 12 and bring 11 to the swap.  Jessi has a family for our March swap – if anyone is aware of a situation where meals could be helpful for the April swap, please let me know.
  • We heard from a few of you that some of the ham in Megan’s Egg Bake was slightly discolored.  She and I chatted, and of course she was horrified, in that she bought a fresh ham and cut it off the bone herself.  Some people have just set the ham aside, and I know of others that used it… Megan asked that we convey her apologies as well as her puzzlement about what might have happened with the ham!
  • Last, I wanted you all to know that Marci’s mom passed away very unexpectedly this past Saturday.  Visitation will be Wednesday night from 5-8 pm at Miller Funeral Home in Fridley, and the memorial service will be Thursday at 1 pm at Salem Covenant Church in New Brighton.  Please keep Marci and her family in your prayers as they face this really unexpected loss.

I think that’s it for now… see you on Sunday afternoon, and happy meal prepping!