May Meals and June Categories

May Meals

Grill Chicken-Heather
Thai Chicken Skewers (or Hawaiian Chicken Sandwiches)
Grill Pork- Holly
Wisconsin Bratwurst
Grill Beef- Jess
Dijon Beek Kabobs
Italian Chicken
Pan Ready- Chrystine
Taco Casserole
Market Sandwich- Kelly
Tailgate Sandwiches
Pizza- Kristen
Pepperoni Crescent Roll-ups
Salad- Alisha
BLT Pasta Salad
Breakfast- Sara
Fruity Oven French Toast
Your choice- Marci
Meatball Subs

June Category Assignments

Grill Chicken-Marci
Grill Pork-Heather
Grill Beef-  Holly
Pan Ready- Karna
Market Sandwich- Tanya
Pizza- Kelly
Salad- Kristen
Breakfast- Alisha
Your choice- Sara


Pre-April Swap Details

Hi, Everyone!

It feels like it’s been a long time since our last swap, and my empty freezer reminds me of this daily!  We’ll meet next this coming MONDAY, April 13th, (note the change from Sunday, which we’ll continue through the summer months and then switch back to Sundays in the fall) at my house at 8 pm.

Since Shayna and Jessi are stepping back from the group, we presently have 10 swap spots filled.  This means that you should prep 10 and bring 9 to the swap, keeping one for your own family at home.  If you are gifting a meal to Marci’s friend, Jenny, who has a daughter with significant special needs and a son undergoing treatment for eye cancer, you’ll want to bring along 10 meals to the swap.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in one of our two open spots, please let me or Marci know, and we can follow up with them.

A quick reminder of the importance of double bagging our entrees and using good quality freezer bags.  This truly does make a difference in how well the food keeps while in the freezer.

Last, as usual, please remember to submit your recipes to the blog by this Friday evening so that Marci can compile the recipe pdf.  Big thanks to Marci, by the way, for her work each month to put all of that together… it is super helpful and appreciated!

Looking forward to seeing you all next Monday evening!


April Meals and May Categories

April Meals

Holly- Party Pork
Jess- Pizza Sub
Karna- Blue Cheese Burgers
Tanya- Sloppy Joe Squares
Pan Oven Ready

Kelly- Quiche

Kristen- Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Alisha- Chicken Wild Rice

Sara- Chop Salad

Marci- Cinnamon Streusel French Toast
Your Choice

Heather- Korean BBQ Strip Steak

May Category Assignments – new categories for warmer weather!

Grill Chicken-Heather
Grill Pork- Holly
Grill Beef- Jess
Pan Ready- Megan
Market Sandwich- Kelly
Pizza- Kristen
Salad- Alisha
Breakfast- Sara
Your choice- Marci