A couple of things…

Hi, Everyone –
Just a couple of things – I wanted to get our numbers out to you for this month’s meal swap, as there has been a fair amount of shifting in our swap composition over the past couple of weeks! At our April swap, we had 10 of our swap spots filled. Since then, Megan let us know that she is stepping back from the swap, due to her kids being in especially particular eating stages and it therefore being too much food for just Megan and her husband. Megan had a 1/2 spot in the swap, which she has shared with Tanya. Megan’s open spot has been filled by a friend of Karna, Heidi Carlson- welcome, Heidi! Due to family obligations, Heidi can’t start in May, but will join us when her 1/2 spot comes up again in July. A friend of Marci’s from church, Christine, will also be joining the swap, jumping right in for the May meeting. Welcome, Christine! Last, we received a request from Kristen to sit the May swap out, as their family has been blessed with many meals from friends this month as they have welcomed their new baby girl, Audrey Ruth (born April 24th). All that to say that for our swap next Monday, May 11th, rather than prepping 10 and bringing 9, please plan to prep 9 and bring 8 meals to the swap.

We’ll be gifting meals this month to Marci’s dad.  As we chatted about in April, either partial or full entrees would be really appreciated as he continues to adjust to cooking on his own.  If you know of situations for our June and July swaps where meals would be helpful, please let either Marci or me know. Thanks!

Last, just our regular reminder to please submit your recipes to the blog by this coming Friday evening so that Marci can prepare the recipe pdf. We’ll meet at my house on Monday, May 11th at 8 pm for our next swap. See you then!



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