Last minute update

Hi there…

I’m cooking my pina colada sauce as I write this!  For any of you who might be interested, we have a last-minute opportunity to gift some meals this month.  Several months ago – I think it may have been in January – we did meals for a family from my church, Shelly and Adam.  Adam (just in his 40’s) was diagnosed with colon cancer and in the last two weeks has just finished up an aggressive, 6 month chemo treatment regime.  He was supposed to head back to work this past week, but now has blood clots in his lung.  On top of this, the transmission went out in their vehicle this last week, and Shelly is still grieving the loss of her mom, who died about 2 months ago, so they’ve had a lot going on.  As a family with 4 kids living at home, any meals that they don’t have to stress too much about preparing would be really appreciated.  I know it’s too late for most of us to make an extra of what we are bringing to the Monday evening swap, but I was thinking that if perhaps people had meals in their freezer from past months that they haven’t gotten to yet, this might be an opportunity both to free up a little space and to bless this family who has so much going on right now.  As always, no pressure, but just if this happens to work for you this month.

See you Monday evening!



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