August Meals and September Category Assignments

August Meals

Grill Chicken
Alisha- Honey Beer Glazed Chicken
Grill Pork
Sara- Pork Grill Packets
Grill Beef
Heidi- Marinated Flank Steak
Heather- Cheesy BBQ Bacon Chicken Sandwiches
Pan Ready
Holly- Chicken Spaghetti
Market Sandwich
Marci- out for August
Chrystine- Calzones
Karna- Mandarin Orange Spinach Salad
Kristen- Salmon Asparagus Quiche
Your choice
Jess- Manicotti
Kelly- Greek Chicken Kabobs

September Category Assignments

Grill Chicken- Kelly
Grill Pork- Alisha
Grill Beef-  Sara
Crock-pot- Tanya
Pan Ready- Heather
Market Sandwich- Holly
Salad- Jess
Breakfast- Karna
Your choice- Kristen & Chrystine


Please Submit July Recipes!

Just a friendly reminder to please submit your recipe to the blog by Friday evening to allow Marci enough time to create the recipe pdf prior to our swap this coming Monday evening.  Looking forward to seeing you at my house at 8 pm!

Have a great weekend!


Quick July Update

Hi, Everyone –

Just wanted to let you know prior to your doing your meal swap shopping that we’ve heard from Jess that she is needing to sit this month out.  They are listing their house for sale, but also had a water leak in the house just after they had it all ready to be put on the market that necessitated their moving in temporarily with her parents.  Rick has just started a new job, and Jess’ cousin died unexpectedly just over a week ago, so their family has had a lot going on.  We were at 11 swappers for July, so now we are at 10.  Please plan to prep 10 meals and bring 9 to the swap, unless you are gifting a meal to Rachel, who is going through cancer treatment for lymphoma.