August Recipes

Hi, Everyone –
We wanted to let you know that Sara contacted us and offered to compile the August recipes while Marci is on vacation this month. So, please email your recipe (ideally in format similar to how it typically goes on the blog) to by this Friday evening to allow Sara time to compile the document. Thank you, Sara, for your willingness to do this for the group!

We don’t have anyone designated to receive “gifted” meals this month, and I’m not aware of anyone for September either, so if you know of a situation where meals would be helpful, please feel free to let me know. For next Monday’s swap, plan to prep 10 entrees and bring 9 to the swap. We’ll also talk that night about our schedule for the fall and winter (typically we’ve shifted to meeting on the second Sunday of the month, either in the late afternoon or at 8 pm), so if you have thoughts about that, bring them with you too!

See you Monday evening at 8 pm!



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