Quick Update for Tonight

Hi there –

A quick update prior to our swap this evening.  Kristen and her family returned from their vacation early yesterday morning to find that their chest freezer died sometime while they were away, spoiling the entire contents of the freezer and making for a huge mess to take care of.  Thankfully she had not prepped her meals for our swap yet, so they weren’t part of what was lost, but in addition to the freezer mess, their home air conditioning also quit working while they were gone, sending the temp in their home to 90 degrees.  After talking through her situation, we agreed that it would makes sense to not add the stress of meal prepping between yesterday and today, but instead to have Kristen bring both the August and September meals to the September swap.  We’ll go ahead and send our meals for Kristen home with her this evening – Tanya (as neighbor and friend) has agreed to store Kristen’s meals for her until they can get a new freezer.  Kristen will chat with Heidi this evening to make a plan for getting the meal to her, as Heidi has one of the every other month spots.

Just wanted to give you all a head’s up about this…. thanks for your flexibility and understanding!



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