It’s September Already!

Hi, Everyone –
Forgive me that this post has been so long in coming – my laptop was nonfunctioning for a couple of weeks and the days in general have been flying by!

We’ve decided, based on general group consensus, to stick with holding the swap on Monday evenings as we head into fall. That means that the next swap will be September 14th, still at 8 pm and still at my house.

For the September swap, we have 11 people swapping, so please prep 11 and bring 10 entrees to the swap. Aaron (as in Holly and Aaron 🙂 ) has a former student whose mom is battling cancer. He had lunch with the former student last week and their family would be grateful for any meals we would like to send their way. A half-sized meal for 3 or 4 would work great as well, as their household size is smaller. If you will be gifting meals to this family, plan to prep 12 and bring 11 to the swap. Also, let us know of any situations for the October or November swaps where the gift of meals would be helpful.

While we are fine with the swap being at 11 swappers, we do have one spot that remains open, so if you know of anyone who would be a good fit, please feel free to mention the swap to them!

When Marci and I met a week or so ago to talk about the swap and to determine some proposed fall/winter categories, we were reminded of how helpful it is when each of us comes to the swap with two distinct recipes to present (i.e. for the Pan Ready category proposing Spaghetti with Meatballs or Chicken Tortellini as the two options as opposed to Beef Enchiladas or Chicken Enchiladas). This gives all of us voting more distinct options and better choices. Thanks, too, to everyone for careful labelling and double bagging the food in good quality freezer bags – that truly makes a difference in maintaining the quality/integrity of the meal!

We’ll post again shorty with a list of the September meals and October categories. And though it’s a little early, here’s your friendly reminder to please post your recipe to the blog by this Friday so that Marci can pull all of the recipes together in the pdf. A big thank you to Sara, as well, for collecting and compiling the recipes last month!

I hope that your Labor Day weekend is relaxing and refreshing… see you next Monday the 14th!



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