October Meals and November Category Assignments

October Meals

Grill Chicken
Heidi- Garlic Grilled Chicken
Grill Pork
Kristen- Maple Glazed Apple Cider Pork Chops
Grill Beef
Chrystine- Steak Bites with Parsley-Garlic Sauce
Kelly- Chicken Stroganoff
Pan Ready
Alisha- Baked Mac ‘N Cheese
Market Sandwich
Sara- Ham/Cheese and Turkey/Cheese Sandwiches
Heather- Alfredo Spinach Bacon Pizza
Holly- Lemon Thyme Grilled Chicken Salad
Jess- Pumpkin French Toast
Your choice
Marci- Crispy Cheddar Chicken Strips
Karna- Ground Turkey and Sweet Potato Skillet
Lisa- Pork Stir fry


November Category Assignments

Chicken- Kelly and Jess
Pork- Marci and Tanya
Beef-  Karna and Kristen
Pan Ready- Chrystine and Holly
Pizza- Alisha
Your Choice- Sara and Lisa


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