Quick question

Did anyone not get a Baked Zitti pasta dish at the last swap?  Holly and Aaron somehow ended up with two.  Let me know if you are missing yours!






February Gifting Meals

An opportunity to gift meals to a family at February meal swap has come up.  My husband is in a men’s Bible study through our church.  Nate started attending the group about a month ago, he is a neighbor of one of the other guys, so not a family I know personally.  This week they learned that his wife Becky has breast cancer.  They are very overwhelmed, scared and not sure what the upcoming months of treatment will look like.

This opportunity does come with a food allergy, one of their children is very allergic to shellfish and allergic to tree-nuts.  I’m guessing we will be fine on the shellfish allergy, unless you have decided to bring lobster to the next swap 🙂  But the tree nut allergy has a higher chance of being in our meals.  If you are wanting to donate, please read all labels to ensure the ingredients do not include peanuts or tree-nuts.  The family does avoid labels that list nuts or tree nuts or says “may contain tree nuts” items.  But the allergy isn’t severe enough that they are concerned with “Made on shared equipment…” and “made in a facility…”.   If you are not confident about your meal, please don’t donate.  If your meal is nut-safe, I would love to bless them with some meals so that they can spend their time and energy focusing on Becky’s health and their family rather than what to make for dinner!


February Meals and March Categories

February Meals

Holly-Chicken Pierogi
Chrystine-Honey Sesame Chicken
Alisha-your choice
Heather-Alfredo Lasagna
Sara-Greek Meatballs
Lisa- TBD
Pan Ready
Kelly- Denver Quiche
Jess- Taco Casserole
Marci- Cinnamon Baked French Toast
Your Choice
Kristen-Taco Pizza Rolls
Karna- Roast Beef Sandwiches


March Category Assignments

Chicken- Kristen and Karna
Pork- Holly and Chrystine
Beef- Alisha and Heather
Pan Ready- Sara and Lisa
Pizza- Jess
Your Choice- Marci and Tanya

Another update

Hard news from Alisha tonight. Their 8 year old niece suffered a fall on Christmas day that ended up being fatal. They have a lot of family still in town and also alot of food coming to their entire family, so she has not gotten thru their December meals and would like to sit the January swap out. Of course I told her that this is just fine, and she looks forward to rejoining us in February when things have settled down some. For us, this means that our number changes from 12 to 11 swappers for the month, so please prep 11 and bring 10 to the swap. Please also hold Alisha and their extended family in your thoughts and prayers as they do their best to cope with this tragedy.

Pre-January Swap Update

Hi, Meal Swap Friends –

Just a quick note to check in prior to our swap next Monday evening, January 11th at 8 pm.  Didn’t this swap come up quickly?  I think so!

We’re full this month at 12 swappers, so please prep 12 entrees and bring 11 to the swap.  We did hear from Sara about a situation where the gift of meals would be helpful – “It is a friend of my family who I first met in Mankato a dozen years ago.  Eric is a professor of Classics at Gustavus and his wife, Brooke, is currently a medical student in her third or fourth year.  Brooke just gave birth to Tiago Oliver during the second of her six-week-leaves between rotations and now is headed back to work/school next week.  Eric and Brooke have moved in with her parents who live 20 minutes closer to the hospital she is working at.  I don’t think their network of support is as broad as some people might have available after the birth of a child, so the gift of freezer meals would be greatly appreciated by this new sweet family and Brooke’s parents as they manage the life of a medical student, a busy academic and a new baby.”  If you’d like to bring along a meal for this family (either from this month or a meal from a prior month that you haven’t gotten around to using yet), please bring 12 meals with you to the swap and Sara will see that the extra meals get to them.

Also the regular reminder to please submit your recipe to the blog by this Friday evening so that Marci can work the recipe pdf magic this weekend.  Thank you!

I think that’s all for now… see you all on Monday evening!