February Gifting Meals

An opportunity to gift meals to a family at February meal swap has come up.  My husband is in a men’s Bible study through our church.  Nate started attending the group about a month ago, he is a neighbor of one of the other guys, so not a family I know personally.  This week they learned that his wife Becky has breast cancer.  They are very overwhelmed, scared and not sure what the upcoming months of treatment will look like.

This opportunity does come with a food allergy, one of their children is very allergic to shellfish and allergic to tree-nuts.  I’m guessing we will be fine on the shellfish allergy, unless you have decided to bring lobster to the next swap 🙂  But the tree nut allergy has a higher chance of being in our meals.  If you are wanting to donate, please read all labels to ensure the ingredients do not include peanuts or tree-nuts.  The family does avoid labels that list nuts or tree nuts or says “may contain tree nuts” items.  But the allergy isn’t severe enough that they are concerned with “Made on shared equipment…” and “made in a facility…”.   If you are not confident about your meal, please don’t donate.  If your meal is nut-safe, I would love to bless them with some meals so that they can spend their time and energy focusing on Becky’s health and their family rather than what to make for dinner!



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