May Meals and June Categories

May Meals

Kelly- Chicken Pesto Sandwiches
Marci- Honey Garlic Grilled Pork Chops
Andrea- Carnitas
Tanya- Cheesy Bacon Burgers
Pan Ready
Holly- Tator Tot Chicken Hotdish
Chrystine- TBD
Heather- Mexican Chef Salad
Alisha- “Taco John’s” Breakfast Burritos
Your Choice
Sara- Spaghetti
Kristen- Mongolian Beef

June Category Assignments

Chicken- Sara
Beef-   Marci and Andrea
Pan Ready- Karna and Lisa
Salad- Holly
Your Choice- Heather and Alisha


Time for Recipes!

Hi, Everyone –

I apologize for not getting this out sooner – our family spent the past two weeks in California and we just got home late laat night!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone this coming Monday evening at 8 pm at my house for our April meal swap.  We have 10 people swapping this month (we have one open spot and Chrystine is travelling),  so please prep 10 and bring 9 to the swap.  We don’t have anyone designated to receive gifted meals this month or next month, so let us know if you know if a situation where that would be helpful.

Please get your recipes submitted to the blog by Friday  evening so that Marci can compile the master document over the weekend.  Many thanks to Marci for all of the work she does putting that together each month!

See most of you on Monday evening!









April Meals and May Categories

April Meals

Andrea- Cranberry Chicken
Marci- Sweet and Sour Chicken
Lisa- Sweet and Sour Pork Chops
Karna- Cheesy Ham Potatoes
Holly- Cheeseburger Meatloaf
Pan Ready
Alisha- Tailgate Sandwiches
Heather- Mac ‘N Cheese
Sara- Chicago Style Pizza
Your Choice
Kelly- Blue Cheese Burgers
Jess- Walking Tacos

May Category Assignments

We made minor tweaks to the categories for spring- we didn’t add specific grill categories but look forward to seeing grilling options within the assigned meats.

Chicken- Kelly and Jess
Pork- Marci and Andrea
Beef-  Karna and Tanya
Pan Ready- Holly and Chrystine
Salad- Heather
Your Choice- Sara and Kristen