January Meals and Upcoming Categories

January Meals

Heather- Korean Beef
Sara- Mini Cheesy BBQ meatloaves
Alisha- Stuffed French Bread (with cheese on the side)
Marci- Cheesy Chicken Naan
Kristen- Lemon Herby Chicken
Karna- Chicken Stroganoff
Holly – Party Pork
Amber- Pepperoni & Sausage Stromboli Bake
Chrystine – Ham and cheese bake
Pan Ready
Kelly – Honey mustard crusted salmon
Michelle – Cinnamon Rolls
Your Choice
Essia – Tater tot hotdish

February Categories

Chicken- Kelly, Michelle, Kris
Pork-Marci, Amber- Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork, Karna
Beef-Lisa: Pizza Casserole, Holly, Chrystine
Pan Ready- Heather
Breakfast- Sara
Your Choice-Alisha

March Categories

(if you hold a 1/2 time slot please bring your recipes for these categories to be voted on with you this month, full time people do not need to bring recipes until the month before)

Chicken- Heather, Sara, Alisha
Pork-Kelly, Michelle, Essia
Beef-Marci, Kristen, Karna
Pan Ready- Holly
Breakfast- Chrystine
Your Choice-Tanya


Recipes, please!

Hi everyone – it’s time to think about submitting recipes to the blog again! Please enter them by Friday evening so that Marci has enough time this weekend to put our master recipe list together. Thanks for your help getting this done on time each month!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all next Monday evening at 8 p.m. for our December swap. Please plan to prep 10 entrees and bring 9 to the swap. If anyone has done some holiday baking and you’d like to bring along a few cookies/treats to share, we can enjoy those together, too.  See you then!