January Meal Swap


Just a quick note to check in prior to our swap next Monday evening, January 9th at 8 pm.  Didn’t this swap come up quickly?  I think so!

We’re full this month at 12 swappers, so please prep 12 entrees and bring 11 to the swap.  A reminder that bagged food keeps best in freezer quality Ziploc bags, so please make certain that the bags you use are freezer bagso, not storage bags.  Also, if food is coming to the group in pans, please use the pan lids that are available for purchase (best deal is at Sam’s Club), or multiple layers of heavy duty aluminum foil.  Using thicker foil helps preserve food integrity and also keeps the foil from ripping when it is bumped by other items while in the freezer.

Also the regular reminder to please submit your recipe to the blog by this Friday evening so that Marci can work the recipe pdf magic this weekend.  Thank you!

I think that’s all for now… see most of you on Monday evening!



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