Two more things….

How could I possibly have more things to be in touch with after yesterday’s post?! I know…. it’s amazing …. but I do promise not to be as lengthy as yesterday!

Kelly reminded me that she is short one Hawaiian Pizza.  Did anyone get two?  Please check your freezers and lmk if it was you.  Thanks!

We’ve identified a family to gift meals to in April!  For any of you who may not be familiar with this, sometimes we have the opportunity as a group to send meals to a family that is going through a difficult time. This involves making an extra of the entree that you are prepping, or perhaps taking one that is already in your freezer that your family has not yet enjoyed, and bringing it along to the next meal swap meeting. The person who knows the family will then gather all of the meals and deliver them to the family on behalf of our group. It is a pretty simple but very helpful way to be part of supporting a family who needs a little extra care. No pressure at all to participate – just if it is the right thing for you for that particular month. Sara contacted us about a woman she knows, Bria, who had surgery on March 7th for a routine hysterectomy.  During surgery they found cancer in her appendix and possibly in her colon and lymph nodes. She’s a self employed single mom to two boys (ages 10 and 12), and the doctors have told her to expect four months of treatment, which means she will be unable to work during that time.  Bria’s mom and Sara’s mom are best friends, and Bria is a cousin of Bethany Abramson, who was part of our meal swap several years ago until her family had to go gluten and dairy free!  Bria and her boys are grateful for any help with meals as they journey through this scarey and uncertain time.  To learn more about her story, check out Bria’s GoFundMe page

That’s all!  Happy Monday!



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