June Meals and Upcoming Categories

June Meals

Kelly-Mexican Chicken Salad
Michelle- Sweet Chicken with Chopped Salad
Amber- Hawaiian Chicken
Karna- Balsamic Maple Pork Chops
Emily- Bacon Cheddar Brats
Kris- Spinach Sausage Egg Bake
Holly- Sweet & Sour Meatballs
Chrystine – out
Lisa- Garlic Mozzarella Burgers
Pan Ready
Sara- “Cracked Out” Chicken Tator-tot hot dish
Heather- Pound Cake French Toast
Alisha- BLT Pasta Salad

Upcoming Category Assignments

We are switching it up slightly for the spring/summer months and replacing your choice with a salad category.   Start thinking spring, grilling, etc. as you think of recipes for your category

If you hold a 1/2 time slot please bring your recipes for these categories to be voted on with you this month, full time people do not need to bring recipes until the month before

July Categories

Chicken- Sara, Heather, Alisha
Pork- Kelly, Michelle, Essia: Teriyaki Pork Chops
Beef- Marci: Monterey Burgers, Karna, 1/2 spot open
Pan Ready- Chrystine: Green Chili Chicken Bake
Breakfast-  Emily
Salad- Holly

August Categories

Chicken- Holly, Chrystine, Lisa
Pork- Sara, Heather, Alisha
Beef- Kelly, Michelle, Amber
Pan Ready- Kris
Breakfast-  Karna
Salad- Marci


Time for Recipes!

Sorry to not get this out to you until today, but here is the reminder to please submit your recipes to the blog by this evening. Thank you for your help in getting these all in tonight so that Marci’s job of pulling everything together is made easier!


The swap is full this month with 12 swappers, so please plan to prep 12 entrees and bring 11 to the swap on Monday evening. We are gifting meals to the Murray family, who just welcomed four kids from the foster care system into their home. Their oldest daughter does have a peanut allergy, so be aware of that in deciding whether or not you’ll be bringing them a meal.


Also, just a couple thoughts about the upcoming summer grilling season. Because our entrees are designed to feed families of 6, please include eight burgers if you will be preparing hamburgers. Most of the men and teenage boys in our lives will easily eat two burgers, so this ensures that those burger entrees will feed everybody. As you are looking for summer recipes, be creative!  There are so many fun and delicious recipes out there, and it’s great to have this season to try new things!  A reminder that if you’re doing a simple meat and marinade recipe and your cost is coming in at under $10, please include a side dish (i.e. veggies, rice, cous cous, pasta, etc).


I’ll see many of you next Monday at 8 pm… happy meal prepping!