Checking in…

Hello everyone –

I hope that this finds you well and having stayed cool over this steamy weekend!

I wanted to check in about a couple of things related to the upcoming meal swap. We will be be meeting next Monday, June 12th at 8 pm at my house. There will be 11 people swapping in the June swap, so please prep 11 entrees, and bring 10 to the swap.

We have an opportunity for June to gift meals to a family from my son Axel’s school.  The dad, Jade, has had an autoimmune disease that he’s managed for years, but in mid-March, he suddenly lost the use of his legs and has become paralyzed.  Jade and his wife, Liz, have twin 2nd grade boys who are buddies with Axel.  They are now doctoring at Mayo and trying to figure out what damage is permanent, and what to do treatment-wise to keep the disease from progressing and causing further harm.   Jade can no longer work (he was a baker) and Liz has had to cut back her hours as a nursing home rehab aide to care for Jade and get him to and from his many appointments.  They will be really grateful for any meals we send their way, so if it’s the right thing for you this month, feel free to prep an extra meal to be gifted to this family.

I also wanted to mention that our swap member Essia and I were debriefing the May swap and we agreed that the chicken tenders meal they made was a little on the light side with the amount of meat provided. This was totally unintentional and part of the learning curve that goes along with purchasing humongous amounts of meat!  Essia asked what they could do to provide a supplement to even things out a bit, and we decided that it would be both simplest and very delicious if, at her next swap meeting in July, she brought a frozen dessert for all of families who participated in the May swap. So we have some yummy dessert to look forward to in July!

I’ll try to get a reminder out later in the week, but a heads up to please submit your recipes to the blog by Friday so that they can be complied into the master recipe document over the weekend.

I think that’s it for now… we do have one spot open for the July swap, so if anyone who isn’t already swapping that month would like to pick up that open spot for July, please let me know.

Thanks, and I’ll see many of you next week!



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