Hi,  Everyone-

Last call for recipes!  Sorry to be getting this reminder out so late…. the pace of my life seems to have picked up substantially with the summertime schedule of all 4 kids around all day!  If you haven’t yet, please submit your recipe to the blog right away – thank you!

We have 11 families swapping this month,  so prep 11 entrees and bring 10 to the swap.   We also have the opportunity to gift meals to Aaron’s coworker, whose high school aged daughter has been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease).  If it works for you this month to do an extra meal, prep 12 and bring 11 to the swap (or stick with prepping 11, and bring a meal still in your freezer that you have not had a chance to enjoy yet).  We don’t have anyone lined up for gifting meals to in August, so please let us know if you’re aware of a situation where the gift of meals would be helpful.

See many of you this coming Monday night!   Happy weekend!



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