December Meals and Upcoming Categories

December Meals

Holly: Chicken Teriyaki in a pan
Open (sub for Chrystine):
Lisa: Basil Pesto Chicken
Heather S: Hoisin Pork with Rice Noodles
Sara: Cracker Barrel Potatoes (with ham)
Emily: Garlic Parmesan Veggies and Sausage
Michelle: Beef and Broccoli
Amber: Beef Stroganoff
Hannah: Beef Enchilada Casserole
Pan Ready
Amanda (sub for Karna): Beef Lasagna
Heather L- French Toast Sticks
Your Choice
Open (sub for Marci):

January Categories

Chicken- Marci: Maple Sage Chicken, Karna: Orange Chicken,  Liz: Thai Pasta
Pork- Holly, Chrystine: Pineapple Pulled Pork, Abby: Pork Tenderloin
Beef- Sara, Heather S, Emily
Pan Ready-Essia: Ham & Cheese Crescent Rolls (Fancy Pigs in a Blanket)
Breakfast- Michelle
Your Choice- Amanda


February Categories

Chicken- Michelle, Hannah, Amber
Pork- Marci, Karna,  Heather L
Beef- Holly, Chrystine, Lisa
Pan Ready-Emily
Breakfast- Heather S
Your Choice- Sara


Just a Reminder!

Hi,  All –

It’s time for submitting recipes to the blog again!  Please enter them by this Friday evening so that Marci is able to compile the recipes into one master document over the weekend.   Thanks!

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you this coming Monday at 8 pm at my house… the swap is full at 12 this month, so please prep 12 entrees and bring 11 to the swap.  If it’s the right thing for you this month, Essia will be taking any extra donated meals to the 15 year old best friend of one of her students who recently underwent surgery at Mayo to remove a volleyball sized tumor attached to her liver.  If it works for you to bring an extra meal, you’d prep 13 entrees and bring 12 to the swap.

I think that’s it for now….happy prepping, and see many of you on Monday!


January Categories updated

Oops!  When I posted the December and January Category assignments I didn’t shift the January ones correctly.   I have updated the January Categories to keep the rotation normal so everyone cycles through the different categories.

Please double check the categories when you start thinking January recipe ideas.

Sorry for any confusion!

January Categories  (corrected)

Chicken- Marci, Karna, Liz
Pork- Holly, Chrystine, Abby
Beef- Sara, Heather S, Emily
Pan Ready-Essia
Breakfast- Michelle
Your Choice- open