We are a group who has agreed to work together to prepare and trade freezer meals.

Why are we doing this?

  • Stress – Meal swapping alleviates some of the stress of deciding what to make for dinner every night. And we don’t have to cook as much!
  • Time – Our time is freed up, as we are not cooking full meals every night, and we are more available to be present with our families during the already busy late afternoon/evening hours.
  • Finances – Meal swapping works within a budget – sometimes by default we can end up spending more on meals when we don’t have a good meal plan in place.
  • Flexibility – Having meals ready in the freezer means we aren’t tied to the kitchen in quite the same way, and we have options like inviting people over to share a meal, or bringing a meal to someone we know who could use that support.
  • Experimentation – Meal swapping helps us try new recipes, both in cooking and eating, and helps expose our families to recipes and foods we might not have otherwise have chosen.

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