Recipes Needed!

Please submit your recipes to the blog by tomorrow (Friday) evening.  Thanks, and happy almost weekend!


Happy New Year!

Happy 2018!  With all best wishes and prayers that this year will be one where we know and experience health, peace and joy!

A quick update on next Monday’s meal swap… there will be 11 families swapping, as Essia is taking the month off due to heightened busyness with basketball coaching.  Please prep 11 and bring 10 entrees to the swap.

We didn’t have anyone officially lined up to gift meals to in January, so I’d like to put my friend Liz in for this month… we gifted meals to her last year, so you may remember their situation…. her husband has a rare autoimmune disease that caused his sudden paralysis in March.  The disease is progressing and he has spent the past 2 weeks in Intensive Care.  They are at Mayo, so it’s been tons of driving and schedule juggling as Liz also tries to maintain life and stability for their 8 year old twin boys.  If its the right thing for you this month, the gift of meals would be much appreciated by their family.

I look forward to seeing many of you next Monday evening at 8 pm!

Time for Recipes!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Here is your reminder that it’s time to send in your recipes in preparation for next Monday’s meal swap!  As Marci is taking the month of December off, Sara Tan has graciously agreed to collect and compile all of the recipes, so please email your recipe (in blog format) to by the end of today.  Big thanks to Sara for doing this for all of us! 🙂

There are 10 swappers this month, so please prep 10 entrees and bring 9 to the swap.  We also have the opportunity to gift meals to Emily’s chiropractor (who is also her friend), whose preemie twins have had a lengthy NICU stay.  If this works for you this month, you’d prep 11 and bring 10 to the swap.  We don’t have anyone designated to receive extra meals in January or February, so please feel free to let us know if you know of a situation where meals would be helpful!

If you’ve already tackled some Christmas baking and want to bring a plate of cookies along to the swap to share during the swap on Monday, feel free to!  Looking forward to seeing many of you in a few days!


Just a Reminder!

Hi,  All –

It’s time for submitting recipes to the blog again!  Please enter them by this Friday evening so that Marci is able to compile the recipes into one master document over the weekend.   Thanks!

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you this coming Monday at 8 pm at my house… the swap is full at 12 this month, so please prep 12 entrees and bring 11 to the swap.  If it’s the right thing for you this month, Essia will be taking any extra donated meals to the 15 year old best friend of one of her students who recently underwent surgery at Mayo to remove a volleyball sized tumor attached to her liver.  If it works for you to bring an extra meal, you’d prep 13 entrees and bring 12 to the swap.

I think that’s it for now….happy prepping, and see many of you on Monday!



One small correction…. rather than submitting them to the blog this month, recipes should be emailed (in the format used on the blog)  to Sara!  Her email address is:

Thanks for emailing those to her by Friday evening!


Time for Recipes!

Hi, everyone…

If you haven’t had a chance to already, please submit your October recipe to the blog by Friday evening!  Sara is compiling the recipes for us this month while Marci is on her trip to Italy, but she’s got a super full weekend ahead of her. If you are not able to enter your recipe by Friday evening, please plan to bring 11 paper copies along with you on Monday to the swap. Thanks!

The swap is full this month with 12 swappers, so prep 12 and bring 11 entrees to the swap.

Looking forward to seeing many of you next Monday night!