Freezer Meal Guidelines


  • We are only responsible for providing the main entrée.  If you have ideas as to what to serve along with the entrée, feel free to include that when you submit your recipe, as we can use all of the inspiration we can get!
  • Each entrée should cost around $10-$12 to prepare – how carefully we shop impacts how much each one costs.  Some months the entrée you chose may be more expensive, but the next month you might choose something that costs less to make.
  • Prep should not take more than 4 hours, including packaging.  I have found that doing it all in one block of time is most time-effective, rather than doing a little bit a few times.


  • Choose quality ingredients, the same quality that you would like to have in the meals that you receive!
  • Do not use MSG (monosodium glutamate) for any families’ meals
  • It’s usually a good idea to make as many entrees as there are people swapping – that way you can keep one of your own entrees for yourself as well.


  • Each meal should include 6 adult servings
  • Chicken- if entree is chicken with marinade.  Provide 3 pounds chicken per meal. (portion may be less, if chicken is just a part of the entree, e.g. Chicken tacos will all the fixings)
  • Pork- also provide 3 pounds per meal if meal is pork plus marinade.
  • Beef- we realize beef is often more expensive but that is why we rotate it around the group so plan on your beef month being a bit more expensive but still provide enough for 6 adult servings- we will all do the same for you.
  • If providing tortillas (or similar) for a meal such as tacos, plan on at least 2 tortillas per person.
  • If providing rice, provide 1.5 cups rice per meal
  • Always err on the side of being generous


  • Buy good quality freezer bags, and always double bag.  Label bags with month, name of entrée and number – I.e. March 2013, Chicken Cordon Bleu, 1  of 2,  2  of 2
  • Do not re-use freezer bags for the swap (even if only used as outer bag a previous time)
  • If you choose to use a disposable pan, they are most economical to get at Sam’s Club/Costco.  The Sam’s club pan covers are the best for keeping food fresh.  If you do not use these, be sure to use high quality foil and double wrap the pan.
  • Take as much of the air out of the freezer bags as you can when packaging
  • Make every effort to freeze as flat as possible
  • If part of the meal should not be frozen (i.e. refrigerate or store in pantry), package these items separately.


  • Bring meals frozen to the swap
  • Use a cooler or large bag to transport meals home
  • If something like rice, buns or taco shells is part of what is needed for the entrée, that should be provided.  Can make note of condiments or “extras” that we each need to provide (I.e. oil, lettuce, ketchup, etc.) when recipe is submitted to the blog
  • Two days before each swap, recipes and prep and serve instructions need to be submitted via the blog

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